Adventuring priests may come from any Nipponese religious tradition; many are wandering healers or exorcists. Warrior-priests such as the sohei and yamabushi tend to resemble samurai in many ways, even to the point that some warrior orders have obtained permission from the local daimyo to carry samurai weapons. Any of these holy men might take up with samurai in the service of the daimyo, or simply to fight evil (and maintain friendly relations with the nobility).

Busso (Bukkyo Cleric)
A busso is a priest of Bukkyo, a preacher (and hopefully, practitioner) of the Enlightened Path. Provided that he walks that path faithfully himself, he has access to a number of miraculous abilities, including spells and powers resembling those of a traditional fantasy cleric.

Kannushi (Shinto Cleric)
Shinto priests are called kannushi – speakers and bargainers with the kami. Their spells and powers are based on their ability to compel the spirits to act on their behalf, and thus resemble those of the shaman. Unlike the busso, kannushi don’t have a particular moral or philosophical code to adhere to, but an ever-changing host of kami to appease through superstitious behavior and ritualized offerings.

Shugenja (Druid-Shaman)
The shugenja are practitioners of Shugendo, an esoteric hybrid of Bukkyo and Shinto, seeking enlightenment through communion with nature and its spirits. They share traits with both the standard fantasy druid and shaman, and their vows blend those of Bukkyo enlightenment and Shinto ritual.

Sohei (Bukkyo Holy Warrior)
Sohei are members of Bukkyo martial orders, trained in great fortress-temples in both the Enlightened Path and ways of the warrior. Though they train with many weapons, they often favor the naginata (sword-staff).

Yamabushi (Shugendo Warrior-Monk)
Yamabushi are wandering warrior-monks who follow the way of Shugendo. A yamabushi always learned his arts of fighting and survival by following an elder yamabushi around and impressing the old master enough (through persistence and endurance) to take him as a student.


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