The Lands of Nippon

The Lands of Nippon, occupying a chain of mountainous islands at the farthest edge of the East before the trackless ocean, are home to severe beauty and traditional violence. Ruled by samurai warrior-aristocrats who execute the law with ruthless dedication, wracked by constant struggles for power, and bound by ancient customs whose violation can mean death, the cities and castles of Nippon can be at least as deadly as its mountainous wilds and demon-haunted ruins.

Nipponese geography is mountainous and uneven – scattered across a chain of volcanic islands, with only small valleys and coastal lowlands habitable or cultivatable. Although far-flung enough for different provinces to have distinct climates – colder in the north and warmer in the south – most of the Lands of Nippon are temperate, with four distinct seasons. Coastal regions experience the moderating influence of the ocean, but the mountainous inlands can have quite severe seasonal weather.

Politically, the Lands of Nippon are divided into a number of provinces. Traditionally, each province is ruled by a particular clan; in practice, large clans may rule many provinces, either directly or through subjugation of a smaller clan. Travel between friendly or allied provinces is generally unrestricted, but the ever-shifting alliances among the Clans poses no small danger to travelers – without warning, a daimyo may institutes mandatory travel passes, with a summary death sentence awaiting anyone caught without one.

The Shogunate – Military rulers of the Lands of Nippon.

The People – Castes and customs of the Nipponese People.

Religion – Nipponese faith and its keepers.

The Lands of Nippon

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