Character Creation

Starting Points: 400 (up to -70 in disadvantages).
Base Starting Wealth: $1,000; Wealth no better than Wealthy.
Signature Gear costs 1 point/$500 value.
Campaign TL: 3ish (Mythic Medieval Nippon).

Player Characters can be virtually anyone who, for whatever reason, find themselves in rural Tanomura Province, in the mountainous southern reaches of Nippon, and who have some interest in investigating the ominous goings-on there. (And, of course, who are also 400-point over-the-top cinematic mystics, magicians, and/or martial-arts masters.) By default, they’re Nipponese humans, though gaijin (foreigners from the mainland – ‘round-eyes’ are yet unknown in Nippon) and henge-yokai (animals who have learned to take human form) are also possible.

Possibilities include agents of the daimyo of Tanomura Clan, agents of the Shogun sent to aid their Bakufu ally, locals who have borne witness to the horrors first-hand, travelers who just happen to be passing through when the shit hits…..

Gambler – Wanderer, outlaw, thief, surviving by wits, luck, and a poker face.

Henge-Yokai – Intelligent, shape-shifting animal – Bakeneko (cat), Kitsune (fox), Okami (wolf), or Tanuki (raccoon-dog).

Ninja – Infiltrator, poisoner, spy, master of death, disguise, and deception.

Priest – Wandering holy man of the Enlightened Path and/or the Way of the Kami.

Samurai – Noble warrior, courtier, horseman, and officer.

SorcererMahotsukai, occultist, witch, master of the Dark Arts; or Shugenja, reclusive nature-mystic, spirit-talker, and elemental sorcerer.

Warrior-MonkSohei, holy warrior and guardian of sacred places; or Yamabushi, solitary mystic warrior who follows a naturalistic path similar to that of the Shugenja.



Martial Arts

Magic and Powers



Character Creation

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